Lunch with Megan Quinn, co-founder of Net-A-Porter August 09 2012

So this afternoon I was invited by ANZ Private Bank to a boardroom lunch with Megan Quinn, one of the co-founders of internet luxury retailer Net-A-Porter. This is her (picture stolen from a Style Melbourne interview, I'm too shy to ask for photos).

Megan is Australian and has been in Australia for the last 8 (?) or so years concentrating on being a full-time mum, but is now planning to return to work in the business on a part-time basis. In her daughter's own words, she was at the bottom and now she's returning to the top. 

So, in real life, what is she like? Really, really smart. This is one switched-on lady. Frank, on-the-ball, and totally believes in quality of product and quality of service.

A few interesting facts. Net-A-Porter started with a seed capital of 810,000 pounds gathered from friends and family. What does Megan consider the key to their continued success? Attention to detail in everything, from the layout of the website, to unrivalled logistics, to personal customer service, packaging (those handmade boxes and ribbons cost 25 pounds each!), and most importantly, exceeding expectations in every aspect.

Phew! Quite a few things for us to work on!

Net-A-Porter now spends approximately 27 million pounds annually on PR and marketing. But Megan firmly believes that the key is still in customer word-of-mouth.

So, let's hope we can learn a little from lunch. Which, incidentally, consisted of scallops and rack of lamb. Yum.