Lover's War

Digital Printing August 23 2012, 0 Comments

Here is a story about fabric printing. At Fame Agenda, one of things we insist upon doing is designing our fabrics from scratch. We do not want to use a fabric that you can then find somewhere else on some other label. We wanted the fabric 

design itself to tell a story. And we wanted to use digital printing technology because of its ability to provide amazing colour and photo-quality results (in contrast, offset printing can only print blocks of colours but is a much cheaper process). Are we boring you out yet? Anyway, here is a picture of our Compass print sample being digitally printed in Melbourne at Frankie & Swiss. This is what a smaller machine looks like. The fabric goes through the printer, gets printed out like a bubble jet printer, and then goes through a heating element which sets the ink. I'd love to have one of these machines at home.

Happy Independence Day August 17 2012, 0 Comments

So why does our Lover's War collection feature bullets, marching soldiers and spitfire aeroplanes? For the detailed answer we'll have to delve into the complicated, not-squarely-grounded-in-reality mind of our designer, Holly. But we liked the idea of challenging ideas about beauty. We liked the idea that love is so much more romantic in wartime, when every kiss could be your last kiss. We liked the idea that every relationship is a personal battlefield filled with scars and recovery. This is our War print. Centre of the image is the famous kiss photo taken in Times Square marking the end of World War II. Love conquers all. For all our Indonesian fans - Happy Independence Day.