Lover's War

Digital Printing August 23 2012, 0 Comments

Here is a story about fabric printing. At Fame Agenda, one of things we insist upon doing is designing our fabrics from scratch. We do not want to use a fabric that you can then find somewhere else on some other label. We wanted the fabric 

design itself to tell a story. And we wanted to use digital printing technology because of its ability to provide amazing colour and photo-quality results (in contrast, offset printing can only print blocks of colours but is a much cheaper process). Are we boring you out yet? Anyway, here is a picture of our Compass print sample being digitally printed in Melbourne at Frankie & Swiss. This is what a smaller machine looks like. The fabric goes through the printer, gets printed out like a bubble jet printer, and then goes through a heating element which sets the ink. I'd love to have one of these machines at home.